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How to choose a matching color scheme for your web-site? Where can I get licensed-free photo images? How can I choose a navigation menu? Where can I learn more about current CSS & HTML developments? bookmarks »
Biography and Curriculum Vitae
Vitaly FriedmanVitaly Friedman, was born in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, on the 8th February of 1985. While being 14 years old, I wrote my first article which was published in a weekly Belarussian computer-oriented newspaper in July 1999... bio & cv »
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My recent works

Edition Thaleia CSS Showcase Live | feed aggregator EuroMedCon vitaly.friedman | blog help to save lives sIFR Beauty auf der suche nach neuen freunden Essential Bookmarks for Web developers: pocket edition
Essential Bookmarks for Web developers: pocket edition Essential Bookmarks for Web developers Vitaly.Friedman - Freelancing Webdesigner. English version Vitaly.Friedman - freiberuflicher Webdesigner. Deutsche Version 1.0 Die offizielle Web-Seite des Otto-Hahn-Gymnasiums, Saarbrucken :: Einfache Losungen, gunstige Preise, moderne Technologien :: The history of Belarussian Jewry Dreisprachiges Web-Projekt Die Geschichte der Juden Weissrusslands Online-Marketplatz bzw. ein Handelsplattform fur russische Laden im Web Personelle weissrussische Web-Seiten im Uberblick

Profile #1:

Description: Essential bookmarks for web-designers and web-developers
Instruments: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP4
Task: Design, Layout, hierarchical Struture
Invested time: 4 days

Profile #2: - v. 3.0

Description: Vitaly Friedman - Personal Homepage & Portfolio
Instruments: CSS, PHP 4, Javascript
Task: Redesign, Banners 468x60, Buttons 88x31
Invested time: 16 days

Profile #3: - v. 2.0

Description: Vitaly Friedman - Personal Homepage & Portfolio
Instruments: PHP 4, Javascript
Task: Redesign
Invested time: 22 days

Profile #4:

Screenshot: Beljews.Info
Description: A trilingual web-project "The History of the Belarussian Jewry".
Instruments: PHP 4, Javascript
Task: Redesign, new structure, Dynamic Content System, Banners 468x60, Buttons 88x31
Invested time: 30 days

Profile #5: (currently offlin)

Description: Online-Market, i.e. a trade platform for russian shops in the Web.
Instruments: PHP 4
Task: Design, Content-Managements-System, Banners 468x60, Buttons 88x31
Invested time: 25 days

Profile #6:

Description: :: Simple solutions, favourable prices, modern technologies ::
Instruments: HTML, Macromedia Flash
Task: Design, Banners 468x60, Buttons 88x31, Content
Invested time: 1.5 months

Profile #7:

Description: The official homepage of the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium, Saarbruecken, Germany
Instruments: PHP 4, Javascript, Macromedia Flash
Task: New Layout, new structure, Dynamic Content -> OHG Newsmenu-System
Invested time: 14 days

Banners 100x100 & logos:

Banners 468x60:

Banners and buttons:

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