It became the sad reality of our life that some children in the world are diagnosed with cancer at a young age. One of every 600 children is affected by cancer before the age of 15, and 100 new cases are registered annually in St. Petersburg only. Cancer is among the leading fatal causes, next to accidents, taking the lives of children. Fortunately, latest impressive achievements in the field of child oncology allow some hope for positive outcome of the disease and full recovery or prolonged remission of the child diagnosed with cancer. Children cured from cancer grow up, get education, work and have families of their own fully recovering from horrible experience and becoming active members of the society. At the same time childhood cancer survivors who did not receive adequate treatment and are not fully recovered lead a miserable life plagued with fear, physical disability and mental disorders.

In advanced countries, approximately 70% of children are completely cured from this disease through essential treatment. In developing countries, about 20% are cured. The chances for survival depend on the accessibility of competent and effective medical care. In addition, cost of medical treatment combined with the cost of medicines and follow-up procedures can reach very high figures and not all affected families can afford this expensive medication, especially in under-developed countries.

In Russia, the budget allocated to the children's oncology departments averages covers several procents of realistic needs. With no money, there is no medicine for these children and no hope for survival.

How can I help?

If you are interested in helping us to save the lives of cancer-affected children, please view the pages that are dedicated to the individual members of the Regional Non-Governmental Organization "Children and Parents Against Cancer" - the parents of diagnosed children. Every ruble you donate is spent on necessary medicines and holidays for kids.

Don't be passive. Be strong enough to become active. You can really help. Tell the people you know about this project. Tell the people you know about the ways they can help to save the lives of innocent people. Let people who read your blog know about this project. Just place the link to this ( or to this ( site. You can also place the following text links or banners of this action.

help to save lives - every minute can be the last.

<a href="">help to save lives</a> - every minute can be the last.

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Every donation counts. Every minute can be the last.

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