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What do I expect from a movie?

I consider myself as a human being who appreciates his spare time and therefore takes a very close look at various possibilities - in order to pass the time sensibly and meaningfully.

[ But it definitely doesn't mean that I am not spontaneous, prefer boredom and certainity; and I am not conservatively minded neither. It's just if you have free time you should use it to its full potential; it isn't sensible to sit in the chair looking at the floor waiting for someone who is willing to help you out. You ought to be able to take an active part in your life, therefore the motto Carpe diem has recently become my life principle. I reckon, it explains everything. ]

If I take a look at some film which has aroused curiosity within my peculiar being, then this movie certainly isn't a new, big, cool, huge, large, giant, mainstream Hollywood-Blockbuster; but neither is it some fighting-action-movie feauturing Jacky Chan. A vf's-tasty movie is supposed to have an idea (-> Paul Thomas Anderson, Darren Afonofsky), it must be able to promt the viewers to think or/and feel (-> David Lynch, Steven Soderbergh, Christopher Nolan) and have at least a good synapsis (-> Charlie Kaufman, Joel & Ethan Coen).

At the same time it doesn't really matter, whether it concerns an American, European, Indian or Asian movie. Equally unimportant seems to me the runtime of the film, whether a movie lasts the third part of an hour or it carries on for two-three hours. There are talented actors and perfect and beautiful ;-) (at the same time!) actresses. But the most important thing is whether a film director can convey and conveys his criticism, phiolosophy and his picture of reality successfully. Of course a relevant and appropriate account on it isn't normally delivered by box office returns, but one definitely can quite often rely on the results of respected film festivals (-> Festival de Cannes, Sundance Film Festival).

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