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Once I took a pencil in my hand...

It doesn't happen too often, but it happens. Once, being inspired by your own imagination, you take a pencil in your hand. You see blurred images running over and over again in your head. You release your spirit of inspiration.

Unexpectedly you experience an irresistible desire to transform your abstract ideas into real, concrete and, more significantly, unique objects. Of course, you can't resist. You don't even want to resist. And you create.

However, while you are giving life to your ideas you unconsciously expect the others to see in them what you've seen in your mind. Therefore, it isn't enought to create. It is extremely important to create, being led not only by your imagination, but also by your sense of reality.

Therefore you have to make it elegant, accurate, informative, readable and understandable. No coolness, no pomposity. Do it just the way it is supposed to be done.

Therefore you examine your inspiration with regard to the understanding of the others. Therefore you lend your objects some qualities which are likely to be understood and accepted. Nevertheless, the uniqueness of your creation is given the highest priority.

It feels just good to be different. It feels good to know that your ideas are different. It just feels good.

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