Thursday, June 09, 2005

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Blogging seems to have changed the world and its attitude towards free journalism. Back in 1994 this "phenomenon now called blogging was little more than the sometimes nutty, sometimes inspired writing of online diaries"; however now it seems to become an essential part of the internet culture, changing the structure of the internet and the attitudes of those who browse through the web.

A business weblog, accompanying the web-site of a solid, respectable company has become an absolute must. At the same time a personal homepage with a modest "Welcome"-invitation astonishes visitors and causes alienation and mistrust.

However, it isn't only the question of having a blog, but the question of which kind of blog you are supposed to use. I've been receiving a lot of e-mails recently, in which the visitors of Web-Dev-Bookmarks were asking me about "essential" blogging tools, which seemed to be "as essential as all the other stuff you've got in your directory". Fair enough. However, I am not willing to introduce a list, which is based on my inadequate blogging experience.

Since I am a layman, observing the development of a blogging revolution with a healthy dose of skepticism, I guess it might be reasonable to create a list based on the comments of those who are the actual bloggers.

Here are some blogging tools and resources I've found so far:

Blogging Platforms

Blogging Tools

Blogging Resources

I'll be glad to receive useful tutorials to blogging, links to blogging software (blogging overview?), blog catalogs and blogging tools, which you use on a regular basis.


Robin Good said...

Please separate server-based blogging tools (Movable Type, Wordpress) from hosted services (Typepad, Blogger).

You may want also to consider creating a group for multi-user or group blogging tools vs single-user ones.

9:06 AM  
Van Dyck said...

Group And Multi-User Blog Platforms Compared

9:08 AM  
Courtney Stevens said...

Weblog Tools Market

2:24 PM  
courtney stevens said...

Blogs and RSS resources

2:26 PM  

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