< CSS Showcase /> is a showcase of css based navigation menus, css tabs and css navigation techniques. The project demonstrates the beauty and the accessibility of CSS (Cascade StyleSheets) and its use for creating lightweight, easy-to-edit and beautiful navigation designs. Maintained and updated by Vitaly Friedman, it includes a showcase of submitted css navigation menus (~ CSS-Zen-Garden), available for free download and use in both personal and commercial projects.

This web-site also showcases the best examples of CSS-based navigation, found in the Web or suggested by the visitors of the site. The Techniques Section presents a list of current CSS Navigation Techniques, such as Sliding Doors, Taming Lists, Suckerfish Tabs, Hybrid CSS Dropdowns et cetera.

Stay tuned: you can subscribe to the following RSS feeds: CSS Navigation: Users' Submissions, CSS Navigation Examples, CSS Navigation Techniques.

Can I participate?

Of course you can! You should.

If you'd like to share your css navigation designs with other web-developers, use this template for creating the menus. Please make sure that your css-code validates.

Only designs created for both horizontal and vertical navigation menus can be submitted. It's your design, so horizontal and vertical menus can be identical or completely different. It's your style. It's your beauty.

Send the theme's title, css-code< (.zip), author's name, author's url, author's country< to webmaster[/at/] It may take a couple of days until your design will appear on the site. Be patient.

How can I support the project?

If you think that the projects might be useful for the visitors of your page, inform them about < CSS Showcase />, linking to Please, don't spam, offer useful information. Besides, you can help me to feed the host, donating money via PayPal.

Any questions, ideas, suggestions?

You can contact me via e-mail or ICQ. I appreciate constructive criticism and useful feedbacks.