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Ajax? Dawn of a new developer
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The recently coined term Ajax, a new approach to web applications, with all its examples, resources, applications, tutorials and how-to’s has become a new trend in the modern web-development. This article looks at the current state of AJAX and how it is changing the Web developer’s job description. This list provides you with a complete list of Ajax Applications, examples, references and documentations. Everything. On a one single page.

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Today is the day after yesterday
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To be honest, I have no words. I certainly haven’t expected such an enormous interest in the article I‘ve written on last Saturday. Apparently, my choice of the 20 best license-free quality fonts wasn’t as subjective as I thought it is, for my mailbox was literally flooded with dozens of e-mails, in which web-developers from all over the world thanked me for my kindness (well, I am not really that kind! :) ) and sharing my knowledge. Unfortunately, I just can’t respond to all the e-mails I’ve received – due to my work as well as the university studying.

Therefore I’d like to thank to everyone who wrote to me and supported me. I’d like to draw the attention of web-developers to two other projects I’ve created over the last few months – namely, the “Essential Bookmarks for Web-Developers” and “The Web Developer’s Handbook”. Both sites are ad-free, without any disturbing links and images, according to my personal philosophy. So if you regard any of the projects as useful, please support its further development via PayPal.

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"Die Zeit": Die Humanisierung des Netzes
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“Die Zeit” schreibt über Weblogs und die Humanisierung des Netzes.

“Medienforscher wie Burg beobachten eine Umwälzung, die jeder, der sich nur mit den bunten Frontseiten des World Wide Web begnügt, soeben verschläft. Ein dichtes Geflecht von Kommunikations- und Informationsmöglichkeiten, die den Menschen und seine Bedürfnisse in den Mittelpunkt stellen, wächst da heran – sozusagen ein Netz im Netz. Menschen teilen darin Faktenwissen und Expertentipps ebenso wie ihre Fotosammlungen und Musikvorlieben…”

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State of Blogosphere
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Dave Sifry untersucht die Entwicklung der “Blogospehere” in den letzten 6 Monaten. Seine Serie “The state of the blogosphere” (Teil 1 | Teil 2 | Teil 3) legt nicht nur die aktuelle Lage der Blogger Community offen, sondern beschreibt auch die aktuelle Tendenz des “Bloggens”.

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