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Vitaly Friedman's Notebook: Ideas

20 Rules Of Smart And Successful Web-development
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Over the last 12 months, developing few web-sites, I’ve found out some interesting concepts and ideas which helped me to improve the quality of web design and information I present on my web-pages. Besides, I’ve realized some insightful facts I hadn’t know before. I’ve acquired a vision of what it means to create web-sites and what it means to create them well. Since this information might be of a public interest, I’d like to share it with you, presenting the key points in the list below.

So, basically, “20 Rules Of Smart And Successful Web-development” is my personal pick of the main ideas and concepts, which might improve the quality and popularity of your web-sites and provide a good foundation for successful development in the future.

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Creating graphs
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Have you ever wondered how you could create a nice graph or present statistical data for your presentation? Well, Wolfgang had.

Creating Graphs

Every now and then you may come into the situation that you have to present some sort of statistical data to your client. Of course you may use Excel’s graph tool to easily create a bunch of charts — but let’s face it, more or less all of those predefined designs suck. So you have to look for another option.

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Dali's dream of a virgin
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Dali's dream of a virgin

Salvador Dali. Dali’s dream of a virgin.

No comments are needed.

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