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Vitaly Friedman's Notebook: Feelings

Happy New Year 2006!
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Dear friends,

the year 2005 has already passed away, and the new year 2006 has come. It is connected with new wishes, new hopes, new possibilities and new opportunities. Have a clear mind, a warm heart and enjoy the pleasures of life. Believe in yourself, explore your life, love and let be loved.

Thank you for your support and motivation in the last year!

Happy New Year 2006!

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Music which makes you feel
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What was the last time you dreamed about a new romantic encounter in your unspectacular, normal, simple life? What was the last time you felt the necessity to go out, do something different, just break the cycle of predictability you have found yourself in?

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I am... single!
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No, it isn’t related to the fact that I am programming, working, learning, reading, writing, observing, creating and thinking a lot. I spend a lot of my spare time with my friends and the friends of the friends and so on. Sometimes I just walk in a central park trying to get a new idea, new feeling or new point of view, observing the nature. It’s just sometimes I have a feeling that I haven’t met the right person so far.

Walking through the empty streets of Saarbruecken the other night, I thought that I could spend this beautiful, romantic evening together with a person I’d be willing to share my experience, my feelings, my knowledge with. I stopped, looked at the stars in the dark, lonely, silent night sky. I enjoyed the stars, and this unique silent night. Suddenly, the voice of an old, tired man, wearing a dark overcoat and holding a cane made of wood broke the silence. He asked me whether I was thinking about a girl. “Not yet”, I answered. I wish I had… I wish I had!

Do you remember the fascinating story “The Little Prince”, written by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery? Sometimes I read it over and over and over again, wondering how small, almost imperceptible things build the foundation of humanity.

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The Far Side Of The Moon | Émile Nelligan
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Ganz zufällig habe ich mir gestern den Film Face cachée de la lune, La (The Far Side Of The Moon) angeschaut. Zwar hat der kanadische Regisseur Robert Lepage seine Weltanschauung und das Verständnis der Realität sicherlich außergewönlich und durchaus interessant dargestellt, dennoch habe ich die Lebendigkeit der erzählten Geschichte vermissen müssen. Ein ähnliches Konzept hatte auch mal Charlie Kaufman in Adaptation präsentiert, wobei es dem amerikanischen Autor sicherlich besser gelungen ist…

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Scrat aus Ice Age
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Jedes Mal wenn ich dieses Zeichentrickmaskottchen sehe, fange ich an zu lachen. Das kleine liebe nette schöne witzige Eichhörnchen Scrat aus dem Zeichentrickfilm Ice Age. Und jetzt habe ich endlich ein Wallpaper mit meinem Liebling gefunden!

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