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Dealing with Plagiarism Issues
  » Feb 11, 11:59 AM  Add to Delicious!

It’s funny if you think about. I’ve been working on The Web Developer’s Handbook for a year now, gathering links to interesting articles on CSS techniques, typography, web design etc. A lot of time was spent on categorizing them, selecting them and presenting them. According to, has become one of the most bookmarked web pages since the beginning of social bookmarking (No, I can’t compete with Slashdot, really). Every day I receive dozens of e-mails from web developers who support me and my project, suggest links and ideas for the handbook, creative web-developers inform me about the techniques they developed; besides I really appreciate concrete criticism coming from the visitors of the page.

And then this page occurs, offering “full index of every (web)design-related links”, just copying my work without giving credit to the author of the project.

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The Beauty of Typography: Delicious and Fontin
  » Jan 23, 09:29 PM  Add to Delicious!

I am literally speechless. Browsing through my logs and exploring the links leading to "25 Best License-Free Quality Fonts", I accidentally discovered a post in a Dutch blog linking to two pure masterpieces of typography - two typofaces, presented by a talented Dutch designer Jos Buivenga. Delicious and Fontin - two unique, delightful, delicious, license-free beauties, which definitely will make a lasting positive impression on the visitors of your web-projects.

Delicious: Description (contact the author to download the font) Delicious Delicious

Fontin: Description (contact the author to download the font) Fontin Fontin

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Problem with the server!
  » Jan 3, 09:49 AM  Add to Delicious!

Today and yesterday my provider has experienced some problems with its servers due to traffic overload, partly caused by my pages. Therefore both The Web Developer’s Handbook, Essential Bookmarks for Web-Developers, sIFR Beauty, Vitaly Friedman’s Blog didn’t respond and showed the 403 Forbidden Error Page.

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25 Sites You Shouldn't Have Missed in 2005
  » Jan 1, 10:26 AM  Add to Delicious!

The year 2005 was rich on fresh, inspiring and useful Web-Development-Resources. Here is the list of the 25 sites you probably shouldn’t have missed in 2005. The resources listed below are as useful as the resources listed on the top of the list.

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  » Nov 9, 04:28 PM  Add to Delicious! helps you to track referers to your site with our free referrer feed. Apparently, it delivers custom referrers list specific to any webpage. Quite useful if you want to know what other people in the Net – mostly bloggers – think about you.

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How Much Is My Blog Worth?
  » Oct 31, 10:14 PM  Add to Delicious!

The Business Opportunities Weblog counts, how much money does your weblog is worth of. This little applet using Technorati’s API which computes and displays your blog’s worth using the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal.

Wow. I haven’t expected this result.

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About my life, my work and my source of creativity
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To be honest, when someone asks me about myself, I really – really – hate it, because there is too much to describe about my life, the changes in my life and my view of the future which lies in front of me. So when Marko Mihelcic has asked me about the interview for his new site (nice AJAX navigation menu, by the way), I sighed, took a deep breath and forget about the e-mail for a week. However, it didn’t take much time until I just couldn’t resist my curiosity. The result – this interview, posted on, together with the interviews of web gurus – i.e. Shaun Inman.

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How to design a list?
  » Oct 22, 12:41 PM  Add to Delicious!

Recently I’ve been receiving a lot of e-mails from my readers, who are concerned about the design of the Web Developer’s Handbook – a list of essential web-sites, tutorials, references and examples (related to CSS Navigation Menus, CSS- & HTML-Techniques, Layouts, Accessibility, Usability, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etc.), which make the life of web developers easier.

So the question I’d like to pose is what is the best way of presenting 700-800 links on a one single page? Writing about this problem, I am not only talking about my project. I am interested in the common solution of this problem – from different perspectives and points of view such as accessibilty, readability, usability etc.


What do you think? What do you prefer? Since “The Web-Developer’s Handbook” is supposed to be usable, readable and accessible for all the web-developers who are willing to use it, I think it’s necessary to ask you, what do you think about it. I’d be grateful for any help or suggestions coming from your side.

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