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Vitaly Friedman's Notebook: The State Of The Web: CSS Galleries and Showcases '2006

The State Of The Web: CSS Galleries and Showcases '2006
  » Jan 12, 01:42 PM

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During the past few months various CSS galleries and showcases have been popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain - almost every month a "newcomer" was promising more quality content, more updates, just more everything. And even although one could wonder whether the growing amount of css-showcases actually improves the quality of web design, sometimes CSS galleries can serve as a great source for inspiration, creativity and new ideas. Indeed, they present the most beautiful examples of CSS-based web design and they have to be good, so they get regular visitors. There is no need to overestimate them, however, one shouldn't underestimate their ability to inspire, too.

This article is the first part of the series of articles titled "The State of The Web". Every month one specific branch of web-development will be reviewed, web-designers interviewed and web-resources presented, exhibiting the state of the web from my personal perspective. What are you interested in? What topic should be next? Comment on this article!

As I was thinking about writing this article, I have considered reviewing every single gallery; however, googling "CSS Showcases", I have stumbled over the great series of articles about the history of CSS galleries, written by Simon Collison. Simon takes a closer look at the CSS showcases, describing every single gallery and presenting his personal opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of the sites. I know I won't do it better than Simon did, so I don't need to try, right?

Allright, then. Here is my houmble attempt to review the current state of the most popular css galleries and showcases in the Web. Maybe you have know any showcases I am not aware about? Don't hesistate to comment! It will help me, and it will help thousands of users who visit The Web Developer's Handbook developing web-sites.

Feel free to link to this page, but please don't copy the image. Please respect me and my work.

Updated: two more galleries were added.

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