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Vitaly Friedman's Notebook: Javascript Library Roundup

Javascript Library Roundup
  » Nov 7, 08:47 PM

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There are so many of them, but there are only 10-15 which make the life of web-developers easier. Javascripts: tiny, small, but extremely useful instruments – such as form checkers, style switchers, expanding/collapsing layers scripts, table sorters; sometimes they are even more useful as you think they ever might be.

But have you ever wondered where you could get those? Or why you never are able to find them when you need them? I have. Therefore here is the Javascript Libraries Roundup, the list of several web-sites presenthing the essential javascripts’ toolboxex for web-developers. You definitely shouldn’t miss them. I am sure you won’t now.

Any suggestions? Please comment on this post!

  » Web-development, Web-Resources @ Nov 7, 08:47 PM


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