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Vitaly Friedman's Notebook: Imagining Google's Future

Imagining Google's Future
  » Feb 2, 10:25 AM

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Have you ever thought about the future of the Internet? You did, right? Semantic Web, Web 2.0, whatever, what will it look like in the next decade? What willl it be capable of? Which social and programming patterns will it change? CNN Money has published an insightful article called “Imaging the Google Future”, in which several scenarios of the Google’s development in the future are described.

From the article:

Name any long-term technology bet you can think of—genome-tailored drugs, artificial intelligence, the space elevator—and chances are, there’s a team in the Googleplex working on an application.

Which raises the most widely debated question in business: What kind of company will Google become in the coming decades? Will it succumb to hubris and flame out like so many of its predecessors? Or will it grow into an omnipresent, omnipotent force—not just on Wall Street or the Web, but in society? We put the question to scientists, consultants, former Google employees, and tech visionaries like Ray Kurzweil and Stephen Wolfram. They responded with well-argued, richly detailed, and sometimes scary visions of a Google future. On the following pages, we’ve compiled four very different scenarios for the company. Each details an extreme, but plausible, outcome. In three of them, Google attains monopolistic power, lording over the media, the Internet, and scientific development itself. In the fourth, Google withers and dies. That may seem unthinkable now, but nobody is immune to arrogant missteps. Not even today’s smartest business minds.

Read more: “Imaging the Google Future”

What do you think? How will Google look in 20 years?

  » Web-Resources, Thoughts @ Feb 2, 10:25 AM


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