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Vitaly Friedman's Notebook: Google Zeitgeist 2005

Google Zeitgeist 2005
  » Dec 27, 11:05 AM

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As the year 2005 passes by, Google summarizes, what the Internet-users have been searching for over the last 12 months: which movies were the most popular, which trends attracted the interest of the masses and which sites have become popular. Apparently, Green Day, Leonardo da Vinci, iTunes and Sky News have gained on weight in the Web, while Janet Jackson, Hurricane Katrina and Brad Pitt have been the most wanted in 2005.

Well, it doesn’t really surprise me. Indeed, Google has aggregated billions of search queries, but the results of Google Zeitgeist 2005 are quite predictable. So, for instance, Google praised 2005 as the year of the Wiki – indeed, as the open source concept has moved from software development to photo-sharing to blogging, wikis – collaborative, editable web-based projects – have come into their own. And Wikipedia, the multi-language, meta-compendium of information has grown immensely this year.

Google Zeitgeist 2005 summarizes exactly what you are expecting it to summarize this year: London Bombing Attacks, The Pope’s Passing, CIA Leak, Major Natural Disasters, Star Wars, Harry Potter, iPod, Mp3 players. Hopefully, the next year won’t be as bad as we expect it to be and better than we ever could expect it to become.

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