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Vitaly Friedman's Notebook: Page 3

Problem with the server!
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Today and yesterday my provider has experienced some problems with its servers due to traffic overload, partly caused by my pages. Therefore both The Web Developer’s Handbook, Essential Bookmarks for Web-Developers, sIFR Beauty, Vitaly Friedman’s Blog didn’t respond and showed the 403 Forbidden Error Page.

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25 Sites You Shouldn't Have Missed in 2005
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The year 2005 was rich on fresh, inspiring and useful Web-Development-Resources. Here is the list of the 25 sites you probably shouldn’t have missed in 2005. The resources listed below are as useful as the resources listed on the top of the list.

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Happy New Year 2006!
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Dear friends,

the year 2005 has already passed away, and the new year 2006 has come. It is connected with new wishes, new hopes, new possibilities and new opportunities. Have a clear mind, a warm heart and enjoy the pleasures of life. Believe in yourself, explore your life, love and let be loved.

Thank you for your support and motivation in the last year!

Happy New Year 2006!

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15 Best License-Free Pixel Fonts
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Some weeks ago I have written about 25 Best License-Free Quality fonts; surprisingly, the article has become quite popular, many artists who have created the fonts listed in my list were either angry or happy about the traffic my article has brought to their site.

However, since the topic I have written about was both extremely useful and unique for the visitors of my page, I decided to publish an article about quality pixel fonts I have found working on my last project (it’s not online yet).

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  » Web-development, Web-Resources @ Dec 31, 04:40 PM

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sIFR: Rich typography for masses
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sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) is a revolutionary technique, which is meant to replace short passages of plain browser text with text rendered in your typeface of choice, regardless of whether or not your users have that font installed on their systems. It accomplishes this by using a combination of javascript, CSS, and Flash. Released to the world as open source, sIFR is getting more and more popular, particularly among web-developers using sIFR for their projects.

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Google Zeitgeist 2005
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As the year 2005 passes by, Google summarizes, what the Internet-users have been searching for over the last 12 months: which movies were the most popular, which trends attracted the interest of the masses and which sites have become popular. Apparently, Green Day, Leonardo da Vinci, iTunes and Sky News have gained on weight in the Web, while Janet Jackson, Hurricane Katrina and Brad Pitt have been the most wanted in 2005.

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Music which makes you feel
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What was the last time you dreamed about a new romantic encounter in your unspectacular, normal, simple life? What was the last time you felt the necessity to go out, do something different, just break the cycle of predictability you have found yourself in?

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  » Nov 9, 04:28 PM  Add to Delicious! helps you to track referers to your site with our free referrer feed. Apparently, it delivers custom referrers list specific to any webpage. Quite useful if you want to know what other people in the Net – mostly bloggers – think about you.

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