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Free Quality Font - NeueSans
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Belgian type foundry OurType presents a free quality font NeueSans, available for download as the bonus font of the month.

Neue Sans

From the license:

The free fonts may only be used on 1 computer. They may NOT be distributed on other websites, CD, DVD or other electronic media. The free fonts cannot be sold to other parties. All free fonts are subject to the normal license conditions.

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A Study of Website Navigation Methods
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In the beginning of 2005 Fidelity Investments, a web-design-agency based in Boston, has conducted a study of Website Navigation Methods. Aiming to find an effective approach to finding an optimal design solution, company has used an online study to evaluate six different navigation methods for the same website and chose one based on the results.

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Dealing with Plagiarism Issues
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It’s funny if you think about. I’ve been working on The Web Developer’s Handbook for a year now, gathering links to interesting articles on CSS techniques, typography, web design etc. A lot of time was spent on categorizing them, selecting them and presenting them. According to, has become one of the most bookmarked web pages since the beginning of social bookmarking (No, I can’t compete with Slashdot, really). Every day I receive dozens of e-mails from web developers who support me and my project, suggest links and ideas for the handbook, creative web-developers inform me about the techniques they developed; besides I really appreciate concrete criticism coming from the visitors of the page.

And then this page occurs, offering “full index of every (web)design-related links”, just copying my work without giving credit to the author of the project.

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Imagining Google's Future
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Have you ever thought about the future of the Internet? You did, right? Semantic Web, Web 2.0, whatever, what will it look like in the next decade? What willl it be capable of? Which social and programming patterns will it change? CNN Money has published an insightful article called “Imaging the Google Future”, in which several scnearios of the Google’s development in the future are described.

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Interface Design Contest: $1,500 To Make Good Look Better
  » Jan 29, 10:22 PM  Add to Delicious!

Luigi Canalli De Rossi, also known as Robin Good, has launched a web design contest open to anyone capable of designing with valid XHTML+CSS. The mission is to propose an innovative new look for Luigi’s site, the winner is getting $ 1,500 in cash and a design contract for a period of at least 6-months to work on and on other new Robin Good’s web-based projects.

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The Beauty of Typography: Delicious and Fontin
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I am literally speechless. Browsing through my logs and exploring the links leading to "25 Best License-Free Quality Fonts", I accidentally discovered a post in a Dutch blog linking to two pure masterpieces of typography - two typofaces, presented by a talented Dutch designer Jos Buivenga. Delicious and Fontin - two unique, delightful, delicious, license-free beauties, which definitely will make a lasting positive impression on the visitors of your web-projects.

Delicious: Description (contact the author to download the font) Delicious Delicious

Fontin: Description (contact the author to download the font) Fontin Fontin

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The State Of The Web: CSS Galleries and Showcases '2006
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During the past few months various CSS galleries and showcases have been popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain - almost every month a "newcomer" was promising more quality content, more updates, just more everything. And even although one could wonder whether the growing amount of css-showcases actually improves the quality of web design, sometimes CSS galleries can serve as a great source for inspiration, creativity and new ideas. Indeed, they present the most beautiful examples of CSS-based web design and they have to be good, so they get regular visitors. There is no need to overestimate them, however, one shouldn't underestimate their ability to inspire, too.

This article is the first part of the series of articles titled "The State of The Web". Every month one specific branch of web-development will be reviewed, web-designers interviewed and web-resources presented, exhibiting the state of the web from my personal perspective. What would are you interested in? What topic should be next? Comment on this article!

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The Web-Developer's Handbook: re-design
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Few minutes ago I’ve uploaded a new version of the Web Developer’s Handbook. Since many users were asking me to change the outer appearance of the page – design, the structure, font size, font type etc. (well, almost everything) – I finally decided to take some hours, trying to figure out what would be the best for the page, me – visiting the page almost every day – and thousands of users, visiting the page every day.

The result is here.

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